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Are fat cells forever?

Cells that store fat, adipocytes, seem to change in number only in one direction: up. Read: Are fat cells forever?

If you gain weight, fat cells increase in number. But even if you lose weight after that, the cells do not reduce in number; they just reduce in size, raising the tendency to gain the weight back.

Even bariatric surgery and liposuction patients usually gain the weight back in a year, though the mechanism is unclear.

When fat cells become smaller in size after weight loss, they send hormonal signals to the body increasing appetite and fat storage.

In conclusion

Work hard not to gain extra weight: you will probably be stuck with it for life.

In light of recent childhood obesity trends, encourage your children not to gain excess weight.

Before you embark on any weight loss program, be respectful of the odds stacked against you. Don’t expect an easy resolution.

First published on: 18th February, 2017


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