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How does alcohol aggravate acidity (heartburn)?

Alcohol triggers or worsens acidity (heartburn) in many ways. Wine is the worst; gin, tequila, and non-grain vodkas are relatively better.

Alcoholic beverages trigger or worsen acidity (heartburn) in different ways.

Alcohol increases stomach acid production. Alcohol also relaxes the valve or sphincter called LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter) that separates the acidic contents of our stomach from our food pipe (esophagus). Loose LES allows corrosive stomach acid to spill into the delicate esophagus, which has no mucus protection from acid. Finally, alcohol erodes the protective mucus lining inside your stomach, which can lead to peptic ulcers.

Wines are the worst form of alcohol in acidity. Avoid alcohols flavoured with coffee, chocolate and peppermint as they can trigger acid reflux back into your food pipe. Gin, tequila, and non-grain vodkas have the least acidic pH, making them better candidates amongst alcoholic drinks against acidity issues.

Here is my short video on this topic.

First published on: 23rd November 2021

Image Credit: ELEVATE from Pexels


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