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How fiber can help with liver detox?

The liver secretes bile which carries toxins extracted by the liver from the blood. Dietary fiber binds to them and eliminates them through the stools.

The liver is the organ that removes toxins in our blood and the body. It either converts them into harmless substances or removes them physically. But how does it eliminate such toxins from your body?

The liver secretes bile into the intestines for digesting fats. Bile contains many of the toxins extracted by the liver from the bloodstream. Since the bile is largely reabsorbed in the intestines post–digestion, the toxins can also reenter the bloodstream.

Dietary and supplemental fibers bind to some of the contents of the bile and eliminate them through the stools. By increasing fiber intake, one can enhance the process of toxin elimination in a natural way. That way, you don’t have to rely on fancy juices, concoctions, or procedures for liver detox.

Here is my short video on this topic.

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First published on: 25th November 2021
Image Credit: silviarita on Pixabay


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