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You are drinking green tea incorrectly

For best benefits, one must drink green tea in small amounts of 100 mL at a time. Roughly 10 such cups or 1000 mL a day is a good quantity.

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Drinking green tea correctly has become more of an art than a science. And when I try to browse on the internet, most of the non-authority websites give all sorts of incorrect knowledge. Here is a good resource: How to Drink Green Tea.

Unfortunately, I could not find any published research paper on this topic. So let me give a disclaimer that my information is from a senior lab scientist at a well-known tea plantation in South India but it was a verbal exchange.

You need to drink about 1000 mL of green tea a day to get most of its benefits. However, drinking too much at one go is not advised because some of the nutrients can be assimilated only in smaller doses. So one is advised to have about 100 mL at a time in a small cup. Repeat that over 10 times in a day.

Generally, avoid drinking green tea an hour before or after any meal. Avoid drinking tea closer to bedtime as the caffeine in the tea will disturb your sleep. There are correct ways to prepare green tea, too.

First published on: 7th December 2021
Image credit: Ivan Samkov
Last edited on: 14th December 2021


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