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Mobile phone typing is bad for your thumbs

Extensive typing on mobile phones using thumbs can cause a repetitive strain injury called Texting Thumb.

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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. From mornings to bedtime, they are our windows to the world. Given their smaller screens, typing text on mobile phones needs extensive use of thumbs. Worse is the case when we use our palms to cradle the mobile phone and use both thumbs to type text. These activities can lead to a repetitive strain injury (RSI) called Texting Thumb or de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis.

There are other mobile phone-related RSIs called Text Neck and Selfie Elbow. As their names suggest, those conditions arise when a mobile phone is used in a specific way.

My Views

  1. When I developed a Texting Thumb condition on my left hand in December 2017, I tried many ways to reduce swelling and pain: ice packs, gentle massage, and using a sling. However, even after many months, the problem did not go away. At that point, I was suggested the use of the surgical option, which involved releasing the pain by cutting open the tendon sheath covering the irritated and inflamed tendon.
  2. In general, I prefer to let the body heal its problem while giving it all the resources needed such as rest and nutrients. Of course, I keep a hawk’s eye on the problem all along. I don’t like to let the condition worsen due to my overlooking.
  3. One big resource for your body to heal itself is adequate time. Most people are in a hurry to fix things. However, when it comes to irreversible actions such as cutting open a tendon sheath in the wrist, it is better to be more patient.

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First published on: 15th December 2021
Image credit: Johnmark Smith on Pexels


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