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Should you exercise for weight loss?

Exercise is great for overall health benefits; but it is a bad idea to use it as the main strategy for weight loss.

While exercise is excellent for our overall health, can it be our main strategy for weight loss?

The number of calories burned by exercise is minuscule compared to those needed for any significant weight loss. For example, an 80 kg person will need to run or walk 100–120 km to lose 1 kg of fat. This will take a lot of effort and time. Such speed of weight loss will not be noticeable on a daily or weekly basis, making it less motivating.

If one is obese or overweight, exercise may put pressure on the knees, lower back, and heart, risking harm. So scientists advise not to use exercise as your main weapon to lose weight.

The best way to lose weight is through careful control of your diet.

Once you have lost sufficient weight, exercising becomes easier. Once near your healthy weight, exercising is a great way to maintain that weight loss.

Here is a short video on this topic.

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First published on: 22nd November 2021

Image Credit: Andres Ayrton from Pexels


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