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Vitamin A toxicity: A simple idea to avoid it

Toxic levels of vitamin A are just 3 times its daily requirement. So it is easy to end up with toxicity if one is taking vitamin A supplements. Instead, taking carotenoids averts the problem.

Vitamin A toxicity is a real risk due to its low toxic threshold. We need roughly 900 µg of it a day. However, above 3000 µg a day, we start seeing toxic effects. But you can use a smart way to avoid this potential problem.

Carotenoids such as α-carotene, ß-carotene, and ß-cryptoxanthin are the raw materials from which the body can make vitamin A.

If you consume supplements containing only these raw materials, you will not get toxicity since their toxic levels are way too high. Using these carotenoids, the body makes only that much vitamin A that it needs.

Thus, the problem of vitamin A toxicity is safely averted. Here is a short video on it:

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First published on: 5th December 2021
Image credit: Lukas on Pexels


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