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About This Site

What is a Health Sachet?

A sachet means a tiny packet containing a small amount of something. Many articles on this website contain short health tips and tidbits. Hence the articles are called 'Health Sachets'. Examples: "Three nutrients that can prevent cataracts" or "Don't avoid all high-purine foods in gout".

You will also find some articles that are long and detailed. They are our 'cornerstone articles' and contain comprehensive information about a topic. Examples: "Supplements for type 2 diabetes" or "Everything you want to know about keeping your bones healthy".

Layout of the Website

The website is divided into 3 menus or parts:

  • Illnesses, which are grouped by body systems affected. When too many body systems are involved, the article is listed under the ones that are most relevant;
  • Nutrients, where many common nutrients and nutrient categories are listed; and
  • Living, which refers to a stage of life, or a specific concern such as pollution, digital world, etc.

Each article is listed under at least one menu. Occasionally, it may be listed under more menus or submenus, if its scope spans more categories.

The rest of the website is self-explanatory. You can search for a specific topic by clicking on the lens (🔍) icon.

Do look for some interesting articles such as new research that challenges medical wisdom ("running does not cause knee arthritis"), a compilation of current knowledge ("supplements for eczema"), or a modern health hazard that has not caught the popular media fancy ("air pollution causes lung cancer in more people than smoking does").

Can I Trust the Articles?

All articles have links to reputed sources, such as medical papers or world-renowned medical websites. So, one can easily cross-verify the information. At the end of many articles, a list of links is given with a heading "To Read More". Do go through them as occasionally, I leave out important matters because those articles may explain the points better. The website avoids all the hype and pseudoscience present on the internet. So you can safely trust the contents of this website.


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