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How Asafoetida Helps Relieve Flatulence

Asafoetida helps relieve digestive system disturbances such as distension, flatulence, and stomach cramps.

First, the good news: Passing moderately odourless gas 10 to 20 times in a day is considered perfectly normal. Thank you!

A substance that helps reduce flatulence is called a carminative. Since the word sounds more ‘cultured’, let us use it in this article.

Amongst the carminative herbs, the king is asafoetida, or hing as it is called in India.

Asafoetida is a resin extracted from a plant. It has a foul smell and bitter taste, and is widely used as a spice in the Indian cuisine.

Asafoetida has been used in Ayurveda, Unani and other medicinal sciences for thousands of years in treatments for many disorders. However, since this website covers health tips based on latest research, we will look at some recent evidence.

The main bio-active compounds in asafoetida are volatile oils, which relax the smooth gastrointestinal muscles. That triggers their contractions, leading to quicker movement of food in the intestines. This motion called peristalsis eases bloating and helps expel gas from the abdomen. In this manner, asafoetida acts as a strong carminative.

Asafoetida can also relieve stomach cramps and act as an anti-spasmodic. In a digestive system disorder called irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, stomach cramps are common. Asafoetida helps relieve such symptoms of IBS.

As a bonus, asafoetida also has some neuroprotective, memory-enhancing, liver-protective, digestive, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, and blood-pressure-lowering properties.

Typical Indian cooking involves regular use of asafoetida. One can additionally drink asafoetida water. Mix a little in a glassful of water. You can add black salt to mask the bad smell. Black salt and asafoetida both help reduce digestive problems and go well together.

First published on: 11th August 2022
Image credit: 8photo on Freepik
Last Updated on: 29th August 2023


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