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Is ground flaxseed better than whole flaxseed?

Ground flaxseed is better than whole flaxseed for its benefits.

Flaxseed helps relieve constipation and improve digestive health. It is high in dietary fibre as well as omega-3 oils.

However, I see many people consuming it whole. Unfortunately, it does not break down in your intestines and will pass through it without getting digested. So most of its benefits will not accrue.

One is advised to grind flaxseed and consume the powder. Using a coffee grinder or a home mixer-grinder is the best way to grind it at home.

Flaxseed contains alpha-linolenic acid or ALA, a type of omega-3 oil, steroid-like plant compounds called lignans, fiber and phytosterols. Flaxseed is 30% by weight in ALAs, 25% in proteins, and 30% in dietary fibers. The ratio of water-soluble to water-insoluble fibers is 30:70.

Phytosterols are compounds like cholesterol and prevent absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. Fibers help in relieving constipation, and reducing absorption of cholesterol and glucose in the intestines. Lignans help in lowering the risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, menopausal problems and breast cancer. Omega-3 have numerous benefits for the body: Omega–3 oils: A complete guide.

First published on: 6th June 2022
Image credit: Vie Studio on Pexels


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