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Why is protein needed in old age?

Besides retaining muscle mass, protein is needed in old age for stronger bones, immunity, cognition and memory, and heart health.

We associate protein intake with strength and bodybuilding. However, in old age, protein is important for four major functions: bone health, immunity, brain function and cognition, and heart health.

Weaker bones, lower immunity, forgetfulness and heart issues are considered a part of the ageing process. Yet, many old people don’t seem to face these issues. So is it possible that these problems have other aggravating factors besides ageing?

Many middle-aged people are generally deficient in protein intake, especially in a predominantly vegetarian country such as India. Our food intake falls with reduced appetite in old age. So it might be a good idea to rule out protein deficiency by taking extra protein for a few months, before accepting some health problems as a part of ageing.

Here is my short video on this subject.

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First published on: 28th November 2021
Image credit: Hasan Albari on Pexels


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